We produce a range of Stoneground organic flours, muesli and oat products in a variety of pack sizes.

  • Wholemeal Flour - Fine wholemeal flour with a protein content of 14% for bread making

  • Unbleached White Flour - Creamy white flour separated from wholemeal in the traditional way

  • Spelt Flour - Wholemeal spelt flour with a rich nutty flavour

  • Rye Flour - A dark rye flour with a full flavour and hint of sweetness

  • Bran - Separated out from wholemeal flour in the process of producing our unbleached white flour

  • Semolina - Semi-milled flour ideal for lubricating a baker’s peel

  • Malted Flour - A delicious blend of unbleached white, wholemeal and rye flours together with malted wheat flakes and a mixture of seeds - pumpkin, sunflower, sesame and linseed.

  • Muesli - A delicious muesli full of fruit and nuts

    The following products are sourced by Worsbrough Mill:

  • Porridge Oats - Best quality flaked oats, great for your morning porridge

  • Jumbo Oats - Best quality English jumbo rolled oats