At Worsbrough Mill we are passionate about providing the most nutritious organic flours as well as porridge oats and muesli.

Our flour

Our flour is incredibly versatile; it can be used for a variety of baked products from bread to scones and cakes. Small batch milling ensures the freshest flour possible for the best baking results. Bread, made at home by hand or in a bread machine deserves good flour.

English and organic

We mill a range of premium quality grains sourced from organic farms in the UK to produce a wide range of premium quality organic flour. The grain we use is grown under the strictest Soil Association guidelines, meaning that we can trace each batch of flour produced back to the field it came from.

Milled by water

Horizontal French Burr millstones, driven by water power, are used to mill our range of organic flours this ancient method produces exceptionally fine flour.

We grind the flour in small batches ensuring that the flour is as fresh as possible. It’s the freshness that counts in producing tasty wholesome bread, cakes and pastries.

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